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World Ranger Day – Celebrated Saturday 31st July

Dereck & Beverly spoke on behalf of Project Ranger at the world ranger day festival, a 24-hour virtual event celebrating the incredible work of rangers around the world on 31 July 2021. See below recording of the event.

‘Death is delivered with bullets, saws and machetes’: Legendary wildlife filmmakers and photographers Beverly and Dereck Joubert share stunning images as they fight to stop poaching

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Travel Begins At 40 – Poaching African Wildlife: The Other Covid Pandemic

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With the global death toll from Covid breaking the four million mark, it is easy to imagine that pandemic is solely a human tragedy. 


Shiv Nadar Foundation – Durnig lockdown the Shiv Nadir Foundation had a conversation with Dereck & Beverly to talk about the effect of Covid on wildlife and tourism, and also to gain insight into wildlife filmmaking in Africa.  It had 1.2million views on Facebook Live.


Daily Mail UK – EVGENY LEBEDEV: Coronavirus is creating a catastrophe for our wildlife as illegal wildlife trade sees rhinos, lions and giraffes poached… One night in central Kenya, I accompanied rangers on a patrol around the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. 


Independent UK for Project Ranger. Coronavirus crisis could lead to wildlife ranger jobs being cut and a ‘poaching pandemic’, warns leading conservationists

Forbes – Before Your Next African Safari – An Urgent Need To Protect Wildlife Now


ripple effects are broad – leaving virtually no industry, economy, or continent immune. As travel and tourism were brought to a standstill, wilderness areas and lodges were left empty and national parks and protected

areas faced a severe drop in tourism revenue. Rangers were left with their salaries uncertain and without the tools and resources they needed to protect wildlife.